Bible Study Schoolhouse by Amy Gannett

Bible Study Schoolhouse

A Free Resource for students of the Word

the Bible Study Schoolhouse is a series of short tutorial videos aimed at helping you learn and use Bible study tools. In the Bible Study Schoolhouse, you'll learn how to do a word study, how to identify and interpret Biblical genre, how to do a Book Overview Study, and more.

Here's what you can expect in the Bible Study Schoolhouse

FIVE short video tutorials on the basics of Bible study
  • ONE | What is exegesis? Why is it important and how do we do it?
  • TWO | What is hermeneutics? Why does our approach to the Bible matter (and which one is right)?
  • THREE | How to do a Book Overview Study - What to do before you dive into chapter one, verse one
  • FOUR | Identifying Biblical Genre - why it's important and how it effect interpretation (and how to identify each)
  • FIVE | How to do a Word Study - looking into the Greek & Hebrew to go deeper, and my favorite free tool to do it 

Bible Study Schoolhouse

Five Bible study tools to help you go deep in your daily study of the Word. No more relying on studies or wondering if you need a commentary. Learn to study the Word, verse-by-verse.

Don't take my word for it ...

I've always wanted to go to seminary, but with young kids I just can't right now. The BibleStudy Schoolhouse helped scratch that itch to learn more and go deeper!
Britt Finch, Bible Study Schoolhouse Student
As a mom of young kids, I needed something that wouldn't take a ton of time. The investment in my personal quiet time has been immeasurable.
Tara Colbert, Bible Study Schoolhouse Student


What does the Schoolhouse cost?

Nothing. All video tutorials in this course are 100% free and always will be.

What topics are covered in the Schoolhouse?

These tutorials cover things like Biblical overview studies, how to do a word study, identifying biblical genre and more. 

Is there anything I can print and use to help me put this into practice?

Most definitely. You can grab the Bible Study Schoolhouse Fieldguide HERE!